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About Me

Hello, Guest, Welcome to the “About me” Page. I am Adil Shah, a Civil Engineer by Profession and a part time blogger. I love technology, and my interest area is Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing Web development, Internet Marketing, etc. Blogging has always been my interest area.

I always work hard to know more and more about the Internet, Blogging, CSS, PHP, SEO, Internet Marketing and much more. Learning about Cyber world has always been my passion, I love Blogging, and I am sharing my knowledge with my readers on my blog.

I am not an expert but love to learn these things and to share what I gain. I am continuously learning about Affiliate Marketing, SEO, etc.

Currently, I am running my two sites ReviewFlag and RapidTricks, on ReviewFlag I am sharing my detailed review about Different Products of WordPress, Hostings, Tech Gadgets, etc. Before reviewing, I analyze a product completely and then write all the pros and cons of that product.

I explain everything briefly to help my customers choosing what is best for them, and they love to read my reviews because they believe all my review are legit and 100% meaningful. I give my best to find out all the products and review them for my customers so that all of them have a reason to pick a product or avoid it based on my reviews.

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Adil shah is a passionate Blogger from Roorkee City.
He started blogging in 2014 with Blogger and later moved on to WordPress to share his Experience and Views about what he gain from Cyber world.
Here in ReviewFlag he write reviews about Digital products