Elementor Plugin Reviews (Pro) – A Live Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor Plugin Reviews (Pro) - A Live Page Builder For WordPress
Elementor Plugin Reviews (Pro) - A Live Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor Pro Plugin for WordPress is now released, and I am going to review it completely in this article. I am using Elementor Page Builder from quite a long time, and finally, POJO has released its pro version with lots more features.

So I will point out all the things I like, and I don’t like in this plugin. So let’s get started and check out Elementor Plugin Reviews.

WordPress made it very easy to build a professional website without a single line of code. Advanced page builders with drag and drop functionality boost the popularity of WordPress significantly. Now anyone can customize their WordPress site completely without any knowledge of PHP, CSS or HTML.

There are many page builder plugins available in the market, and all of them have their unique functionality of working. Nowadays Drag & Drop plugins are very popular, and almost every premium theme has come with a page builder Plugin. Now let’s come on to the point and review the Elementor Pro WordPress Plugin briefly.

Introduction To Elementor Pro Plugin For WordPress

Elementor Plugin Reviews
Elementor Pro Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor is a Drag & Drop page builder plugin for WordPress developed by POJO. POJO has first released Elementor free version on 1-June-2016, and it gets so much popularity because of its advanced functionalities and live effects. In December 2012 POJO released Elementor Pro Plugin with many more features and improvements.

Elementor Pro Plugin is also known as the fastest page builder available in WordPress market. When you make any change in the page using Elementor Plugin, it immediately shows the changes without refreshing the page.

Now Let’s have a look at detailed reviews for Elementor Pro Page builder for WordPress.

Elementor Plugin Review – A Page Builder By POJO

Elementor Plugin Reviews
Elementor Pro Page Builder Reviews

Elementor page builder is very easy to use and fastest plugin available in the WordPress market. It has many advanced features to customize your site same as you need without a single piece of coding.

It gives you the freedom to design your site in more creative and aesthetic way. It also allows you to add your custom code in every widget to add more functionality to any widget.

I will review the Plugin by these following factors.

  • Layout or User Interface
  • Widgets
  • Features
  • Pricing

Layout – Elementor Pro Plugin

Elementor Plugin Reviews
Elementor Pro Plugin Reviews

As you can see in the picture given above this is the design or user interface of Elementor Plugin. It works live with Drag & Drop functionality, at the left side, all the widgets are available with scroll down feature.

You can simply add a section of custom size and drag & drop the widget you would like into the section. Then you will have lots of features to customize that widget contents for example Animation, hover, text color, background color, etc.

The Layout or User Interface of Elementor Plugin is very easy and clean, and it shows the results immediately as soon as you change or edit anything. Elementor has a layout which no one can found typical, but you will enjoy designing a page or post with it.

You can also collapse the elementor widgets section by just clicking on the collapse sign to see how the section or page looks after design. So you no need to refresh or open the page in the new tab of your browser for checking the effects or changes.

Widgets – Elementor Pro Page Builder

Widgets are the most important part of any page builder, and widgets allow users to design or customize their site in different ways. As much widgets, a page builder has as much you will be able to enhance or customize your site.

Elementor Page builder has almost all the widgets to customize your site as much as you want. I will discuss some popular and most advanced widgets available in Elementor Page builder free and Elementor Page Builder Pro version.

Popular Widgets in Elementor Free Version

  1. Column – You can add as many columns as you want into a section and customize their size, background, Typography, Border, animation and much more. You can also add your custom CSS to add more features into it.
  2. Icon – You can just drag and drop the “icon widget” into the section and select from the 100s of different famous icons available. You can also connect them with a link and style them with many customization options available.
  3. Image Carousel – You can create an image carousel and enhance them with lots of functions available for the widget.
  4. Alert – You can add an alert widget to alert your visitors about any event or offer. There are many options available to customize the alert and make it according to you.
  5. Sound Cloud – With the help of this widget you can embed any sound cloud track into your site.
  6. Sidebar – You can add a sidebar into any section you would like.
  7. WordPress Widgets – Elementor Plugin has many inbuilt WordPress widgets such as Plugin widgets, pages, Calendar, Recent posts, etc.

Brand New Widgets in Elementor Pro Plugin 

  1. Forms – You can use this widget to insert and edit forms “live” into any post or page you are designing with Elementor Pro.
  2. Global Widget – Now you can save your widget as a Global widget. You will be able to add it to multiple areas of your site. You can change it once and it will instantly updates on all places.
  3. Slider – You can use this widget to make a beautiful and fully customized slideshow into a post or page.
  4. Posts – You can use this widget to show multiple posts on a single page or post.
  5. Portfolio – Add a pre-made or create a brand new portfolio to show your work to your customers in style.
  6. Woocommerce – Display your products with a wide variety of options, create advanced filters to show your products in the best way possible.
  7. Price Table – Create a beautiful price table with the different layout, which will increase your sales.
  8. Countdown – Now you can add a countdown for any upcoming event or ongoing event to show your customers remaining time.
  9. Pricing – This pricing widget lets you add a custom pricing tag to your products.
  10. Pre-Designed Beautiful Pro Templates are available to add your content on them.

Upcoming Widgets For Elementor Pro

  • Advanced Carousel
  • Flip Box
  • Twitter Feed
  • Mail Chimp

Features – Elementor Plugin Reviews

Elementor page builder has many exclusive features which will blow your mind. Below I have listed some of the most loved features available in Elementor.

  • Display your projects or posts in endless possible ways with the brand new elementor pro. Use advanced filters to show the exact contents you want to show your visitors. You can use Grid layout, Masonry layout, List layout and Blog layout with the custom view to show your projects.
  • You can use entrance animations for your section, columns, button, etc. It looks very attractive and professional.
  • Design your forms live, right from the Elementor editor. Choose fields, layout, increase the space and control everything without leaving the live editor.
  • Add custom CSS to every element and see the results live without leaving the elementor editor.
  • Embed Elementor templates easily into the WordPress widgets or customization area of the theme.
  • Super Charged Woocommerce widget to quickly design your products pages and display your products in a wide variety of design.
  • Predesigned Pro Templates to use into your posts or pages, so you no need to design them manually. Just add your contents on pre-made pro templates.
  • Add Entrance Animations anywhere into the text area, heading, buttons, pictures or anywhere you want to show the creativity.
  • Custom typography to change fonts, weight, line height, style, letter spacing, text size, text color and alignment of any widget.
  • Advanced section to set margins, padding, borders, radius, custom CSS etc. into any widget.
  • Work Live and see the changes immediately without refreshing or leaving the page.
  • Add Beautiful Buttons and customize them the way you want, Elementor allows you to completely customize buttons without any coding skill.

These are just a few most loved features offers by Elementor Pro page builder, and you will see much more when you will use it.

Pricing – Elementor Pro Live Editor

Elementor Pro is available with three different license Personal, Business, Unlimited. You can purchase any license according to your requirements. Below I have pointed the main features of each license so you can better understand which is best for you.

Personal – As the name suggest personal license is for personal use, and you can use it on a single site. You will get 1 year of Updates & Support with this license. It offers you 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Business – You can use this license on up to 3 websites, with 1 year of updates & support and comes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Unlimited – You can use it on unlimited sites it is best for the developers. It also offers you 1 year of updates & support with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Get Elementor Pro



For 1 Site

1 Year of Updates & Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee



For 3 Sites

1 Year of Updates & Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee



For Unlimited Sites

1 Year of Updates & Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So above i have provided you a complete detailed Elementor plugin reviews. I hope you like it, checkout my rating for the plugin given below.